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Incense Stick Making Machine

Our Innovation

About Incense Stick Making Machine

Incense Stick Making Machine” can be operated manually and does not involve use of electricity. Due to this, incense sticks can be produced more economically as compared to existing means of producing it.

Anticipated benefits for the end users

  • Job Creation
  • Women Empowerment
  • One can do more with less
  • Safety in execution

Monthly Incense Sticks Business Model

Raw Incense Sticks (2000 kg)

As stated earlier, this business model is for a group of 9 people who are involved in the process of making Incense Sticks. We have taken 8 Rolling Machines (in one set) to make Incense sticks. They will be able to make around 2000Kg of Raw Incense sticks consuming around 460 Kg of sticks and 1540 Kg of premix (Generally, Sticks and Premix gets consumed in proportion of 3:10).

There is no electricity cost in this case, as all three machines are manually operated

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Premix used in making incense sticks comprises of three ingredients - Charcoal, Jigat Powder and wood powder.In order to contain all the property of premix like adhesiveness, long lasting, proper burning, the proportion of all the ingredients has to be maintained in a proper order.

There are no electricity cost in this case, as all three machine are manually operated

Labor cost would depend upon the prison policies

  • Bamboo Sticks.
  • Incense Premix.
  • Monthly Incense Sticks Business Model.
  • Recurring Cost Per month
  • Laber Cost.
  • Electricity Cost.
  • Maintenance Cost.

Product Video

To understand the complete working of the machine

Work Process

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Cut bamboo

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Make sticks

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Make Incense

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let them dry

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General Consideration

1 Working days (Per Month) 26
2 Labor Requirement for Sorting and Rubbing of BambooSticks 2
3 Labor Requirement for Pedal Operated Rolling M/C (1 per Machine) 8
4 Labor Requirement for Packaging 1